Betta LLC continuously looks for ways to improve the level of services, meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Betta LLC continuous improvement program aims at bringing the level of services up to best international standards.  Betta LLC shall operate a Quality Management System for the provision of services for private security in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

This Quality Management System incorporates the use of the Betta LLC relevant quality system procedures, work instructions, performance indicators for use in all operations related to product quality. This system is designed to ensure that the appropriate national and international standards, statutory regulations and safety requirements are recognized and that consistent and uniform control of these requirements is adequately maintained. Also all procedures of our QMS have their own scope, which is determined in respective documents.

Clauses 7.1.5 “Monitoring and measuring resources” and 8.3 “Design and development” of the Standard are not applicable in the activity of the company.     We plan and manage the processes necessary for the continual improvement of the QMS through the establishment of objectives, the planning of the process, the provision of resources and information needed to carry out the process, the monitoring of related measures needed to assess process effectiveness and efficiency, and the identification/implementation of actions needed to achieve desired results. Also our company will do everything possible to fulfill the demands of customers and their maximum satisfaction.

Betta LLC objectives are to increase both our customers and long-term customer base, by supplying services that meet and exceed our customer requirements. We also aim to increase our employee’s knowledge.  These objectives shall be achieved through the implementation and performance monitoring of our Quality Management System throughout all levels of the organization. Top management of our company is committed to strive for continuous improvement of the quality our service.


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